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The implementation and deployment services offered by Finlence Consulting cover the deployment of your SWIFT infrastructures, the establishment of backup sites or the securing of the communication channels used between the SWIFT platform and the banking applications.

With the help of the financing Consulting expertise, you can maintain brand quality and reduce the risk of errors or cyber attacks by ensuring sustainability, the stability and security of SWIFT systems.
Finlence Consulting provides a comprehensive approach, which sums up the support and preventive maintenance of SWIFT infrastructure.

Advice & Training

Some examples of the missions performed by Finlence Consulting consist of SWIFT infrastructure reviews, assistance in compliance with the CSP program, implementation of resilient, secure architectures, centralization of SWIFT environments for regional banking groups or more to mergers and technical and operational training on SWIFT applications and standards.

Finlence is an authorised CSP service provider (


The support services offered by Finlence Consulting cover:

       support and maintenance of SWIFT infrastructure

       investigation and resolution of incidents;

       preventive maintenance and deployment of updates;

       configuration change (routing, users, new flows...).

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