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FINmonitor is a real-time analysis and reporting platform for financial transactions. It allows financial institutions to monitor and study trends in flows exchanged with their correspondents.

Natively supporting the SWIFT MT and MX (ISO20022) standards, FINmonitor provides a suite of predefined dashboards, with the possibility for users to define new ones according to their needs.

The predefined dashboards allow the analysis of different metrics at different levels of detail, ranging from a macroeconomic level to the country level, down to the details of each transaction (including originator, beneficiary, nature of payment, etc.).



The flexibility of FINmonitor translates into 3 different levels:


Ability to define new dashboards



Creation of data dictionaries in order to access the desired information


Ability to consume any XML message, SWIFT format or not

Business orientation

FINmonitor provides a series of predefined dashboards covering different metrics on different perimeters useful to the operational, business and compliance teams of the bank (analysis by country, by currency, by correspondent, by customer or even the highlighting of suspicious behavior and the management of blacklists).

With a multi-bank scope, FINmonitor allows centralized deployment within banking groups, with the possibility of having a global view of all the flows of the subsidiaries. Fine-tuned management of permissions also makes it possible to limit user access to subsidiary data concerning them.

Is FINmonitor the solution for your business? Or do you need additional information?

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