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​FINhub is a transaction processing hub allowing the management of heterogeneous flows through a centralized, customizable and secure platform.

FINhub allows the configuration of personalized processing chains, natively supports the SWIFT MT and ISO20022 standards and provides various value-added services such as duplicate detection, validation of SWIFT messages to prevent NACKs or access to data repositories. data (GPI, BIC Directory, etc.).

Flow orchestration

FINhub allows the orchestration of flows by configuring different steps in a processing chain.

These steps can be part of the existing functions offered by FINhub or refer to custom functions exposed by the bank (transformation, validation, communication with external system, etc.).

FINhub also offers reconciliation capacities making it possible to link different flows together (for example to process a response flow to transactions received) and therefore to benefit from contextual information in the processing of certain flows.


Receiving a flow from a source operating system


Orchestation of processing to be performed, such as:

  • Transformation;

  • Validation;

  • Duplicate detection;

  • Data enrichment;

  • Mail sending


Delivery of flow to a destination operating system


Notificartion of processed flow status

ISO20022 converter

FINhub's ISO20022 converter makes it possible to meet the pressing need for ISO20022 migration in complete transparency for the bank's back-office applications.

This module implements the rules published by SWIFT in the context of the CPBR+ standard, with the option to customize them in order to meet the specific needs of each institution, for example in terms of compliance and the fight against money laundering.

In addition to the CPBR+ rules, the ISO20022 converter also allows the management of company flows by offering support for messages used in the Bank-Company scope such as pains.001 and pain.002.

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