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DATAPROTECT, undisputed leader in cybersecurity in the region with unparalleled feedback in the payment ecosystem in partnership with FINLENCE, pioneer in value-added services around SWIFT platforms, launch a fraud detection service on SWIFT payments (domestic and international) fully operated and maintained by DATAPROTECT's CyberSOC teams.

Based on configurable scenarios, payments issued by your institution are analyzed in real time and blocked if a fraud attempt is detected.

The transaction in question is then validated with your institution to decide what to do with it (real fraud, or false positive). To provide the best efficiency, we rely on SWIFT's Payment Control fraud detection platform, supplementing it with:

Full support for the process of acquiring and deploying the Payment Control platform from SWIFT;

Outsourcing the management of alerts and the platform, thus mitigating the risk of internal fraud;

Continuous monitoring of flows, 24 hours a day, through the DATAPROTECT Security Intelligence team accredited by FIRST and equipped with Threat Intelligence tools allowing it to be on the lookout for the latest ZeroDay threats;

Continuous updating of detection scenarios according to the evolution of your institution's SWIFT flows;

Detailed audit trails on alerts detected and actions taken;

Advanced statistical reports on the distribution of payment flows issued (currencies, corridor, amounts, correspondents, etc.).

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