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More about Finlence

With more than 15 years experience in the SWIFT ecosystem and a true passion for the banking world, we offer you personalized services in the area of SWIFT messaging systems, integration flows and processing chains. 

​Given the importance of SWIFT systems and the ever-increasing cyber risk, an adequate level of support is of paramount importance. With the help of the financing Consulting expertise, you can maintain brand quality and reduce the risk of errors or cyber attacks by ensuring sustainability, the stability and security of SWIFT systems.

Finlence Consulting provides a comprehensive approach, which sums up the support and preventive maintenance of SWIFT infrastructure.

Our mission

Assist financial institutions to achieve higher operational efficiency and to be better prepared to face the ever evolving threat of cybercrime.

Our objective

Be the reference for SWIFT systems in Africa and contribute to the development of this ecosystem by providing relevant value-added solutions and services.

Mouhcine Zekkri, Finlence, SWIFT expert specialized in systems integration

Mouhcine ZEKKRI

Managing Director

Mouhcine is a SWIFT expert specialized in systems integration. After obtaining his Masters degree in Computer Sciences from Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, he spends more than 10 years within SWIFT where he holds several positions ranging from software engineering to consultancy (both technical and integration) as well as country management for several countries throughout Africa and the Middle East. 

Over the course of his career within SWIFT, Mouhcine delivered strategic and critical projects at numerous financial institutions (commercial as well as central banks) in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. A large portion of these projects consisted in automating the banks' processing chains in order to increase their operational efficiency and bring to the minimum the risks linked to non-STP processes (human errors, fraud attempts, etc.).

To answer the need of the African banking communities for specialized straight-through-processing (STP), integration and SWIFT related assistance, Mouhcine decided to found FINLENCE Consulting.

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